Middle School Cross Country · MS Cross Country: Informational Meeting set for May 8th

Middle Schoolers 6th-8th Grade

Want to join a team that never sits on the bench? Want to be the person that never tires out when you
play soccer? Want to be the guy that can go the distance on the wrestling mat?

Cross country is a sport like no other. No one ever sits on the bench. Everyone competes. Each race you
are running against your best time. It’s also a team sport. Where you place in the race will decide how
your team finishes. It’s like golf, low score wins. Your performance does not depend on how well your
goalie or your quarterback does. It’s all you out there. Cross country is a sport you can do for your
entire life. All you need to run is a pair of shoes. (and some runners don’t even need those)
Parents, the beauty of cross country is that the race only lasts about 20 minutes as a middle school
runner, and as much as 30 as a high school runner. That means you aren’t sitting at an event all day on

Our middle school cross country team is going on it’s 4th season. We have sent runners to state each
year since we started. Last year our boys’ team came in 3rd.

We will have an informational meeting at the city park on May 8th at 2pm. Meet in the parking lot for
the White House Football Field. There is a one mile greenway loop back there.

Coach Crystal Wix

Coach Nikki Taylor

Watch the video about MS Cross Country:  Middle school video – SD 480p